Equipment Repo in Michigan

Equipment Repossession:

Equipment repossession takes a special set of skills and experience that only a mechanical mind could handle. The recovery of equipment usually takes place within the winter months of cold and wet weather. Bad weather can make it difficult to start and operate repo heavy equipment to position for transportation. This can cause many repossession companies headaches and cost you money for a field call that the agents should be able to handle. Our “extraction teams” are extensively trained in diesel mechanics and pride themselves on the transportation of your collateral. Our agents utilize lock-pick technology and have master key sets for a wide variety of machinery, making ignition and operation easy. Our diverse fleet of heavy equipment makes us a one stop shop to handle both recovery and transportation of your repo equipment in Michigan and the Midwest. Same day permit service is available for any of the Great Lakes States (MI, IN, OH, IL, and WI). Call us for your free quote today!

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