Motorcycle Repo in Michigan

Motorcycles & ATV’s:

Motorcycles and All Terrain Vehicles can be difficult to locate. Their small size makes them easy to stash at a weekend cottage, enclosed trailer, buddies house, anywhere really. A working relationship with dealer networks and licensed private investigators makes this part of our recovery business easy. People can live without  recreational vehicles, and with the right coercion and diplomacy, we are able to fill two enclosed trailers with collateral on a daily basis. Your collateral will be transported in an enclosed trailer to an indoor, heated storage facility. If remarketing is an option, we have a working relationship with dealerships throughout the Midwest states to achieve a top dollar sale for both you and your debtor. Our repossession services include handling all types of motorcycles, four wheelers, snowmobiles, mopeds, dune buggies, and any other road or all terrain vehicles. Call us for your free quote for motorcycle repo and ATV repo, and send us your skip assignments to see how we can help you!