Michigan repo



Our agents have handled many assignments containing the recovery of all types of equipment. Some of the equipment we have handled include; construction, material handling, landscaping, mining, agricultural, vending and more. We pride ourselves in the research associated with the recovery, un-installation, removal, and transportation/storage of your asset. Our agents utilize master keys and lock pick technology to ensure the proper operation of your equipment. Oversize/over height/overweight loads are handled with ease due to our wide variety of specialty equipment within our fleet. Interstate transportation and Escort services available!

Tractor and Trailers:

From independent small business owners to large trucking firms with multimillion dollar asset portfolios, we want to handle it ALL! Over 80% of our revenue is in this sector of services provided! We have built a toolbox of resources, second to none, to aid in the location of these national road warriors. It takes a certain set of skills to locate trucks / trailers that get paid by the mile. Our agents are CDL A certified, with the backup of over a million dollars in heavy duty recovery equipment. We can handle tractors where you can still see yourself in the paint, to trucks that have been used, abused, and misused! No job is too big!

We offer discount pricing for jobs totaling over 10 units, whether tractors or trailers. We handle jobs NATIONALLY for this particular service. We also have an extraction team that can do a “drive away” to auction houses or a location of your choosing. Our references include tier A lenders within this category, strong references are available upon request! Call for you quote today!

RV’s and Boats:

Let’s face the facts! If you, as a lender, have ever come across an RV loan that you have to secure assets on, recovery agencies can have a hard time securing the collateral. With the lock technology at the door, to the electronic ignitions at the column, these luxury coaches can ruin your bottom line regarding recovery costs. With us, RV’s ARE NO PROBLEM! With over one million dollars in heavy equipment, specialty trailers, and lock pick technology, we make the job affordable.

The Midwest states are also known as the Great Lakes States for a reason. All the freshwater boaters land in one of our five prestigious lakes of the Midwest. Unfortunately, many of our inland lakes contain assets that are unpaid. We have knowledge in the arbitration that is often encountered when storage/maintenance/slip time is a facture of recovery. We conduct vessel searches through our database, and our investigative team will ensure the safe recovery, and YES, the transportation of your vessel to a location of your choosing. Certified harbormaster and marine transportation trailers are available if needed!

Motorcycle and ATV’s:

We have longed for an equation to resolve the goose chase of debtors and your toys! I think we’ve found an answer. An enclosed trailer, full size pickup truck, and an extraordinarily courteous, resourceful, licensed, insured, bonded and motivated private investigator! We have a routine route, six days a week that constantly covers a large area for all assignments power sports related. These assignments are often difficult and frustrating to handle due to the ease of hiding such assets. Our trailer is equipped with the tools and secure equipment for anything from jet skis to Harley Davidsons. All items are handled with care, and transported as if they were our own. Standardized condition reports make asset condition easily communicated. Indoor storage facilities are the only way to store such assets for protection from theft, vandalism, and the elements of weather.

Specialty Collateral:

Our recovery capabilities don’t stop at equipment, tractor/trailers, RV’s/Boats, cars, trucks, and vans. We are ready to handle ANY assignment that has assets to secure upon default. Here are some of our “Specialty” assignments we have recovered in the past.

  • GOLF CARTS (Pella, IA and Fenton, MI))
  • VENDING MACHINES, (local bottling groups)

For a career collateral recovery agent, specialty equipment assignments can be the highlight of their week. The exciting part is the fluid planning and research it takes to “get the job done right”. Call us for your free quote and site visit for that “specialty” collateral today!